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The deep connection I share with my horse

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There are hardly words for my connection with Six. It is so deep I don’t have a lot of words for it. It is a feeling inside that only him and I share. I know every single thing he likes and does not like, how to keep him happy without him doing anything besides looking at me. Communication in any relationship is important, but it doesn’t have to be talking. Six and I have our own communication together and we understand each other. His eyes tell his whole story. There is so much expression of love, angry, sadness, discomfort,  and happiness if you are listening. Every horse is so different like people are, some people are happy go lucky, or more on the lazy side. Six is very sensitive and his feelings are hurt very easily. He also does everything with love and meaning. He always gives 100% effort and try in everything he does. As a partner this teaches me to work harder, try hard, dedicate more not only to six but to our team together. Both teammates have to give 100% of their effort to do their best. Six is also very humble and kind, he doesn’t like to be the center of attention, just the center of my attention. He reminds me, even in a packed arena all that matters is him and I.

Every night when I tuck him in I sit in the same corner in his stall. He will always walk over and lean his head on my shoulder for a nightly ear scratch. After his ear scratch he nuzzles my hair for a few minutes before I say goodnight with a kiss on the muzzle. It’s not always about that one win of the barrel race or rodeo its about the deep soul connection with your best friend.

Kara Posch barrel racing

Carrie's barrel horse

Helping my ulcer stricken high anxiety barrel mare

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by Carrie Kapusta-kriel

I ordered Daily Gold a week ago and started using it on my ulcer stricken high anxiety barrel mare. She was on it for approximately four days before I took her to a barrel race. This horse walked in flat-footed and calm both days at the barrel race. She ran so well that I couldn’t keep up. Highly recommend it.

This is a horse that has had anxiety and also ulcer issues for the past two years, she would be in a lathered sweat just to approach the arena gate. She no longer rings her tail while being saddled. A friend of mine made a comment at the barrel race she had to come up to me to see if it was the same horse. That’s how calm this stuff has made my horse.

I am so thankful to have gotten to use this product because I was at my wits end, if you’re having problems getting it to stick to your feed try a little palm oil that’s what I do and my mare is a very picky eater, she cleans it right up!

Carrie barrel racing

Josie the wonder mare

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Jose Shady Lady, Josie, is our 22 year old mare. This mare has been used for everything from reining 12-15 years ago, Jr rodeo (barrels and poles), broodmare and now our beloved lesson horse.

Before we started Redmond Daily Gold with her she would drop a lot of weight in the winter time and it would take a long time for her to shed and look nice again. We knew that weight loss sometimes is a side effect of age. We tried supplemented and more feed and didn’t really see much improvement.

We bred her for the last time 3 years ago and I was really worried about how she’d hold her condition over the winter especially pregnant. We started Redmond in the fall while she was pregnant and she kept great weight through the winter. Come spring time she shed out quickly and her coat looked amazing!

She gave us a jet black filly beginning of May 2015. Both Josie and the filly still get Daily Gold every day and both look amazing. I honestly don’t think Josie would have lasted another winter had it not been for Redmond.

Pictured is Josie a few days ago- 22 years young.

Keep my horses drinking on endurance rides

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Elicia Kamberg

I love endurance riding, seeing trails all over the US, going on adventures and hanging out with fun people but I want my horse to enjoy it too. Endurance horses experience stress from traveling and acid builds and bounces in their gut just going down the trail 50-100 miles. All are susceptible to ulcers and many are prone. I use Redmond Daily Gold to keep my horse drinking, their electrolytes balanced and to help keep their tummy calm. When I started feeding a mash with Daily Gold before a trailer ride I saw a improvement in my horses drinking during and after the ride. My horses are my babies and I love finding things that make their lives better.

Crossing stream endurance ride

What I did about my barrel horse’s ulcers

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by Marika Skinner, Skinner Performance Horses

In 2015 I sent my main barrel mount away to Arizona for some finishing. While he was away, the stress of a new environment, hard training and not to mention the summer heat in Arizona was too much and he developed a raging case of ulcers. With the ulcers came back pain, behavior issues, weight loss, and a horrible coat. His eyes and coat lost their shine and you could tell he felt as miserable as he looked. After vet visits and diagnosing the ulcers we began treatment but the question came of how to prevent this from happening again? We began our search for a daily preventative. There are a lot of options out there and everyone will point you in a different direction. Most of the products suggested were not something we could have afforded long term. We tried a few with no real results and we came across Daily Gold at our local feed store and we figured we had nothing to lose. After even two weeks we noticed huge differences not only in his physical appearance, but his attitude as well! We had such great results with the one horse we implemented Redmond into our feeding program for every horse we have. We feed it to our babies all the way to our retired geriatrics. We will continue to use Redmond Equine for every horse that comes through our doors!


Horse with ulcers

Before using Daily Gold.

Horse after using Daily Gold for ulcers

After being on Daily Gold.

Julie Goodnight: Avoiding Feed-time Frenzy

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(Photo credit to Heidi Melocco, Whole-Picture.com)

Julie Goodnight takes on topics you want to know more about in her online training library—part of her ever-expanding Horse Master Academy (http://signin.JulieGoodnight.com) now with a free access membership to help you search for many training articles, videos and MP3s!

For more thoughts from Julie, watch her Horse Master TV show each week on RFD-TV or catch the show online anytime at TV.JulieGoodnight.com and please subscribe to the free YouTube channel and find her on Instagram. Check out her full list of clinics and appearances at: JulieGoodnight.com/calendar

If you keep your horses at home, you’ve probably already developed a routine that makes your job efficient and keeps the horses happy. But if you are new to this, or are looking for helpful hints to make your horse life easier, I’d like to share with you the ‘tricks of the trade’ that I have learned over the decades.

Feed time can be very stressful for the horses, especially when they are only fed twice a day. Nothing could be more unnatural to the horse, since he is designed to eat small amounts all day long. His digestive system is designed to always be full, so when he is fed two lump-sum meals that he finished within an hour or two, his stomach gets empty and he now has 6-8 hours or more to worry about when his next meal is coming. In addition to digestive and emotional stress, horses may also learn to act aggressively or rudely, which is reinforced as soon as you feed them. So it’s important to do what we can to alleviate the stress, by developing a good feed-time routine. Read More

Girls on horses

Our cost effective ulcer treatment

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By Lauren Fischelis, Advanced PATH Intl. Instructor

I am the Equine Manager at a non-profit therapeutic riding facility in Massachusetts. We have 14 horses in our program and about 90 riders a week. I have recently put all of them on the Redmond’s Daily Gold, having already had previous success with my own personal horse. I have already seen a major difference in all of them. Their coats are so shiny, they are all so relaxed, and their stomachs are doing great, especially our horses with a history of ulcers. Read More

Julie Goodnight: A Horse’s Sense of Fairness

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Julie Goodnight takes on topics you want to know more about in her online training library—part of her ever-expanding Horse Master Academy (http://signin.JulieGoodnight.com) now with a free access membership to help you search for many training articles, videos and MP3s!

“Does my horse have a sense of fairness?” Recently, one of my Interactive Academy members asked me this question—a question that no one has ever asked me during my forty years of teaching people to ride horses. I’ve been working with this rider for a while now. She’s working through my 12-month curriculum with her horse to help improve her own horsemanship, as well as advance her horse’s training. Those endeavors involve improving your own leadership skills. Considering her leadership skills led to the question. So, does a horse have a sense of fairness? Read More

Dr. Getty: Gas Colic – Common, but Preventable!

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Gas colic is the least serious form of colic. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s very common. So common, in fact, that it is often overlooked as “just gas,” like you might get when you eat too much pizza. However, never be complacent about gas colic because it can lead to complications such as displacement or twisting of the large colon.[i] Truth is, if you’re feeding correctly, gas colic should not happen. And if it does, then you’re more than likely doing something wrong.  Read More

Thoroughbred in field

What Daily Gold has done for my OTTB mare

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Daily Gold is a part of my mare’s daily routine and I love what it has done for her.

I found her while undergoing rehab after surgery on her knees. She was on stall rest and started on Daily Gold. For a “hot” thoroughbred, being stuck in a stall is not fun, however she handled it all in stride. After 2-1/2 years she is fully recovered from her injuries. Daily Gold remains part of our routine. She looks and feels great. I am grateful for having found Redmond Equine and their products. Read More