Daily Red benefits

What is Daily Red?

Daily Red™ is a granular form of Redmond Rock designed for owners who prefer to feed their horse supplements in their daily feed ration. Daily Red encourages drinking and provides all the natural trace minerals and electrolytes found in Redmond Rock. It is perfect for your horse’s diet during periods of hard work or activity when good hydration is critical.

Because I Love My Horse.™

After more than 40 years of providing natural mineral salt to ranchers for their animals, we have seen many common health benefits, including increased energy, healthier coats, better hydration, improved joint function, greater endurance, and improved overall vitality.

The minerals in Daily Red can help restore and bring your horse back into balance. By making Daily Red part of his everyday regimen, your horse can also become more alive, energetic, stronger, and athletic.

Whether you ride your horse competitively for show, eventing, or just take him on the trail for a brisk Saturday morning ride, Daily Red can help bring him into healthy balance and maximize the time you and your horse spend together.

Nature’s Essential Minerals

Daily Red™ brand natural equine minerals provide a perfect blend of essential trace minerals and electrolytes your horse needs to live a more healthy, balanced life.

Most horses are deficient in minerals. Today, even natural feeds lack nutrients. Daily Red plays an important role in providing the essential trace minerals missing from many natural forages.

Created by nature, Daily Red is natural mineral sea salt harvested from deep within the earth in Southern Utah. Daily Red contains more than 60 trace minerals.