Application deadline: April 24, 2017

Sponsorship details

Redmond Equine will select 15 riders to be Gold Level Sponsored Riders. Each Gold Rider will receive an initial package of Redmond products and swag. This will include 1 Daily Gold 25 lb bucket, 1 Redmond Rock Crushed 25 lb bucket, 1 case (8 rocks) of Rock on a Rope, 12 Daily Gold Quick Relief Syringes, a Redmond Equine t-shirt, a Redmond Equine hat, Redmond Equine patch, stickers, and flag or banner. We will send each Gold Rider more product throughout the year as needed.

Each Gold Rider will be encouraged to promote Redmond Equine by posting on social media, wearing our apparel, wearing a patch on their shirts, putting a sticker on their trailer, writing stories we can share on our blog, writing product testimonials, sending us photos and videos, etc.

We will provide a coupon code to each rider that they can share with their friends who will then get 10% off our web store.

The sponsorship will last 12 months. At the end of 12 months we will open the sponsorship again for applications. Those who have been sponsored in the past can reapply to be a sponsored rider.

After 6 months we will evaluate how our sponsored riders have added value and select 3 to become Platinum Level Sponsored Riders. Each of them will receive $500 cash.

Thank you for your interest. Applications are now closed. We’ll review the applications and contact everyone by May 15th.