Why does your horse need Redmond Equine minerals?

Redmond Rock
Your horse is depending on you to provide good nutrition, so you buy the best hay you can find, supplement with grain, and even provide complete feed to help round out his rations. You’re doing a good job, right?

There may be one thing missing: essential minerals. Without a complement of the essential minerals found in Redmond Equine products, your horse’s diet is incomplete.
Redmond Equine products provide the electrolytes and trace minerals necessary for your horse to get the maximum benefit from his feed.

Many recommend providing free choice salt for your horse, but salt alone contains only two of the minerals your horse needs. A natural sea
salt like Redmond Rock contains sodium and chloride like other salts, but also magnesium, calcium, potassium and dozens of trace minerals –
in just the ratio nature intended.

These macro minerals are critical for strong bones, high energy levels, and strong muscles. If your horse’s feed is like fuel in your truck, macro minerals are the spark that create energy from the fuel.

Trace minerals like iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and others are critical for enzyme and vitamin function. These minerals, though present in only tiny amounts, are essential for vitality, balanced health and rapid recovery from strenuous exercise.

Redmond Rock is a unique trace mineral sea salt supplement that provide the macro and trace minerals your horse needs to be at his best, and because they are 100% natural, you can be sure you’re giving your horse nature’s perfect blend of minerals.