Daily GoldEquine Health
April 27, 2018

How to know if your horse has ulcers and tips to prevent them

by Julie Goodnight, juliegoodnight.com Research shows that more horses have ulcers than don’t. The statistics are overwhelming and in some regards, it’s easier to assume a horse has ulcers than…
Ride Like a GirlTribe
March 5, 2018

Ride Like a Girl : Avery Jacob on the Courage to Love

It takes an incredible amount of courage to rescue a horse you’ve never met before from a feedlot back at home while you’re on vacation in another state. But that’s…
Equine Health
February 6, 2018

13 Things Horse Owners Should Do Now to Prepare for Spring

Baby, it’s cold outside...but it won’t be forever. Before you know it, winter will be a fading memory and the season will be in full swing. We asked championship riders…