Should I feed Redmond Rock Crushed and Daily Red together?

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With the introduction of our new fortified mineral mix Daily Red, we’ve had customers ask what the difference is between Redmond Rock Crushed and Daily Red—and if they can or should be fed together. While Daily Red and Crushed are foundationally similar—both are natural, loose sea salt mineral supplements and provide excellent health benefits for your horse—they’re targeted to meet different needs and should not be fed together. Here’s why. The skinny on salt. Horses crave salt—something you probably already know! Salt is critical to keeping your horse hydrated, and plays a vital role in nerve and muscle function. Plus, horses like the taste of salt, so they’ll naturally seek it out—a very good thing, especially if you’re using a mineral salt like Crushed or Daily Red to deliver added nutritional benefits to your horse’s diet. Horses’ hankering for salt, however, is also why it’s important not to feed these two products together—and why it is important to only make available the supplement that best meets your horse’s needs. Why? If your horse has two different salt sources to munch on, he may not eat the one you would prefer and that will benefit him the most. So which Redmond salt supplement is best for my horse? That depends! Both Crushed and Daily Red are excellent, but for different reasons. Crushed provides life-sustaining electrolytes and 63 natural trace minerals. It’s ideal for equine athletes and hard-working horses that struggle with dehydration and need electrolyte and mineral replacement. Daily Red has the same foundational blend of electrolytes and trace minerals as Crushed, but is also fortified with zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt, plus vitamins A, D, and E. This fortified mix supports vision, joints, nerve and muscle function, and encourages a robust immune system and healthy coat. Daily Red is targeted specifically toward horses that need a nutritional leg up and is well-suited for nutritionally-depleted horses, stall-bound horses, equine athletes, pregnant mares and growing foals.

That’s the scoop on these two products! We hope this helps you feel more informed about which Redmond sea salt supplement is best for your horse. Whichever you choose, Crushed or Daily Red, we’re confident you’ll see the benefits each has to offer your horse.


Mike and Sherrylynn Johnson on Daily Red

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Mike and Sherrylynn Johnson are partners—partners in life, work, competition, play—and now partners of Redmond Equine!
The Oklahoma couple first met at a high school rodeo in 1980 where Mike won the Oklahoma Youth Rodeo Ribbon Roping with his ribbon runner, Sherrylynn. The two later met up on the road and sealed their partnership by tying the knot in Canada in 2002. The husband/wife combo has been riding shotgun, horses, and the rodeo circuit together ever since.
A professional tie-down roper, Mike has wrangled in 23 NFR qualifications, was a 2003 National Finals champion, 2004 Calgary Stampede $50,000 winner, 2005 Pace Picante Finals champion, and has a bundle of other wins notched in his belt.
Sherrylynn is a professional—and highly educated—barrel racer whose accomplishments include a four-time National Finals qualifier and 2010 All American Finals champion. Before she began rounding barrels full-time, however, Sherrylynn coached the rodeo team at Southern Arkansas University while earning a master’s degree in counseling. She also completed 30 hours towards her doctorate while teaching business courses at the college.
While the dynamic duo still crisscross the country chasing their next win, when they’re not rodeoing, the pair passes along their knowledge of their sport and horses to others by offering clinics to adults and youth. They also have a good deal to share about Redmond products!
So if you run into Mike and Sherrylynn at the next rodeo or sign up for one of their clinics, ask for some free Redmond Equine samples! They’re happy to answer questions and share their own experience about how our products have helped sharpen their horses’ health and performance.
In fact, here’s what the Johnsons had to say about Daily Red, our new boosted mineral equine supplement:
“As equine competitors, our horses spend a lot of time in trailers, stalls and arenas. They can’t always feed free choice or graze in pastures, and this can create mineral deficiencies which allow greater vulnerability for health risks.
“With Daily Red, our horses receive a natural and complete balance of minerals needed for health, peak performance and longer performance life. Balanced nutrients promote a satisfied mind and healthy body. Daily Red sharpens our horses’ focus and performance, and it shows during competition.
“We’re horse owners and professional competitors, not scientists! We have no real idea what our horses lack or need to perform their best. That’s why we leave it to Redmond.”
–Mike and Sherrylynn Johnson


What is Daily Red?

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For thousands of years, horses have fed on wild grasses and natural pastureland. They were made to run the prairies, with the sun on their backs and fresh green, nutrient-rich grasses going in their bellies. Unfortunately, nowadays it’s not always possible to provide these ideal circumstances for our equine friends!


Many of our horses spend a lot of time in trailers, stalls and paddocks (probably more than we, or they, would like), and when we pluck our horses from their natural habitat and put them in a stall, we limit their access to natural and diverse forage. This can lead to mineral deficiencies, a dowdy appearance, and the risk of greater health problems. Hard-working horses and athletes also lose copious amounts of nutrients through sweat and are at risk for deficiency.


Redmond’s Daily Red fortified mineral mix can bring your horse back into balance and ensure he’s looking, feeling and performing his best.


What is Daily Red?


Daily Red is a loose mineral sea salt that provides a full complement of all major trace minerals, plus key vitamins, to improve and maintain the health, appearance and vitality of your horse.
• Daily Red contains a blend of 63 naturally-occurring trace minerals and electrolytes to support hydration and a healthy coat and hooves.
• A boosted mineral formula, including zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt, to enhance antioxidant function, improve digestion, energy, and support muscle, tissue and joint health.
• Added vitamins A, D and E to support vision and encourage a robust immune system, reproduction, strong bones and joints, and healthy nerve and muscle function.
What horses will benefit from Daily Red?
Daily Red is particularly well-suited for horses needing a nutritional leg up, such as:
• Stall-bound horses with minimal sun exposure and turnout time, and which are limited to feeds brought to them.
• Hard-working horses and equine athletes which sweat a lot and are susceptible to mineral loss and joint damage.
• Neglected or nutritionally depleted horses.
• Pregnant mares.
• Growing foals.


Why choose Daily Red?


We believe Daily Red has the edge when it comes to equine mineral supplements. Our sea salt is pure, unrefined, completely natural, and is mined and packaged right here in the USA. Daily Red delivers a complete balance of electrolytes, minerals and vitamins necessary for health, hydration, sharpened focus, improved endurance—and overall, a better and more rewarding life for you and your horse.


How Lance Robinson Cares For Foal Diarrhea

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As a horse breeder, I breed dozens of mares every year, and always try to breed at the top of the market. We’re serious about our business. Most of our mares are champions or produce champion racehorses and rodeo horses worth at least $100,000.
That’s why during foaling season, we live with our foals. We check on them every few hours, get up in the middle of the night and walk through the barn to make sure they’re comfortable. We keep a clean, sanitary foaling barn and try to do everything the best we can for our horses—but still, when dealing with animals, you have challenges.
One of the most serious challenges we face is foal diarrhea. It can quickly lead to dehydration and death if not reversed. Or if the diarrhea drags on for weeks, it can cause colitis and stunt the foal’s immune system enough that it can’t be sold at top market. That’s why we stay on top of diarrhea and treat it at the very first sign.
Recently one morning, we discovered three of our foals had loose stools and wet tails. Instead of using one of our typical charcoal-based treatments—which can be administered for a long time without much success—this time we tried something different. Upon recommendation, we gave all three foals the Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe. To our amazement, the foals’ tails were dry by evening chores. That was a wow moment for us! We knew there was something to this product, that we really liked it, we needed more of it!
Since then we’ve started using the Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe all the time. Now that we’ve found it, it’s a have-to-have product. We use it. We love it. I don’t want to foal mares anymore without having a lot of it in my foaling barn.

My Filly Wasn’t Getting The Minerals She Needed, This Is What I Found…

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The most common salt lick is a block that you stick on the ground. When I picked up my filly she was never exposed to a salt lick, and had more of a “sweet tooth”, so it was frustrating when I couldn’t figure out how to get her her daily mineral supply. That’s when I found out about the Redmond “loose salt”. I had to slowly work her up to a scoop, and now I can give her 1-2 scoops no problem. My filly is such a busy body and has no interest in just licking a block on the ground, so the rock on a rope is fun for my little toddler to lick and play with. She shares one with her “neighbor” and that makes it even more enticing for them.It was worrisome for a long time because I knew my filly needed her daily minerals and I had no way to ensure she was getting those. When I add that little scoop of loose salt into her grain it feels so good having that “knowing” feeling that she is receiving all of the nutrients she needs.

When I checked my filly’s grain bucket and it was licked clean after adding the loose salt. Life looks like I have a happy, healthy, water drinking, salt licking, wild little filly!

– Kaylee Powell


My Mare Had Ulcers, Here’s How We Solved It

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“Cinchy” should have been my mare’s nickname. Every time I tried to saddle her she’d pin her ears and bite at the trailer or whatever stood in front of her. She just wouldn’t settle, and I was concerned. She is my best horse—my “good” horse—so her comfort is really important to me. She’s also a bleeder and loses a lot of nutrients when I give Lasix, so at first I thought her grouchiness was because of sore lungs. Then I started worrying she might have ulcers, and she did. She was treated and things got better. . . but didn’t stay better. I was getting discouraged—I’d tried everything! I felt helpless because my mare was in pain. I took her to vets, who said to put her on this, that, and the other, but I couldn’t aafford all that. So I just prayed.
That’s when I found Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief. Within two weeks of starting Daily Gold, I noticed a difference. When I saddled her, she just stood at the trailer, calm. Now she doesn’t even cinch when saddling, which is a miracle. I also started giving Daily Gold to my 4-year-old futurity mare, and she stays calm on the road and anywhere I take her. I now have all my horses on this product, and stand behind it 110%. My horses also have 24/7 access to Redmond Rock on a Rope, which is another product I love. It has 60+ trace minerals horses can’t get enough of. My horses now look and feel better than they ever have—maintaining health and body condition even during our hot Georgia weather! I couldn’t have done it without Redmond Equine. These products are life changing and affordable.

– Sami Stackhouse


We Were At A Dead End, Until We Tried This…

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My horse, Rusty, wasn’t wanting to drink when we were on the road at mounted shooting competitions—On top of that, he was prone to diarrhea/stomach discomfort after trailering to these events.

I was at a loss for what to do! He’s about as laid back as they come, and didn’t seemed stressed out for the most part. He would look around initially when we arrived at new places, and then quickly settle in and relax. He also continued to eat normally, but clearly his body was telling a different story. If he had some stomach discomfort, it affected how he moved and felt during our runs at competition, and he wouldn’t drink an ounce until late in the day, which worried me.

I started him on Daily Gold and Redmond Rock Crushed at home and on the road, as well as providing him with Redmond Rock on a Rope to have whenever he needed. That was all it took! The Daily Gold settled his internal stress, and helped his digestive system to work properly again. I noticed the difference right away the first time we trailering out to our next shoot—no more diarrhea or loose stool! The combined efforts of getting salt and minerals into his system quickly turned him back into the water-drinking machine I’m used to at home.

I continue to use these products regularly with both of my horses, and it has been a total turnaround from before we started. Now Rusty and I can go anywhere—to lessons, trail rides and competitions—and instead of worrying about if he’s comfortable or hydrated, I can just enjoy our rides. Most importantly, so can he.

– Megan Fischer


How I Got My Horse To Calm Down & Focus

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My barrel horse LW Hickory Commander—more affectionately known as Mo—had been battling gate issues at almost every race we attended. He was sour and skittish—rearing, spinning, slamming me into the fence. Some days we’d have just a small skirmish and then he’d enter the arena and run his heart out. Other days it was a drawn-out wrangle and he wouldn’t even round the first barrel. I was ready to give up! I didn’t want to fight the battle anymore—and worse, I felt that Mo was giving up too.
Then I heard about Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief. I did some research and watched testimonials about the product. I wasn’t sure it would help Mo, but I was desperate and decided to give it a shot. At the beginning of the two-week trial of Daily Gold, we attended our local fair. Now, standing in a tie-stall for an entire week with strangers coming up and petting your butt can get irritating for any horse. This was Mo’s fifth fair with me, and normally by day three he’s kicking out, pinning his ears, running his teeth up the walls. But this year was different. After just a few days on Daily Gold, he was calm and friendly—all week long! The last day of the fair was the barrels and poles event. We saddled up and walked to the arena. I was so nervous. Mo was only halfway through his trial of Daily Gold, and I didn’t know if it had had enough time to work out all of his anxiety issues. As we approached the gate, I felt him get a little high-headed and energized. We took a few hops…and that was it! Just a few hops before we entered the arena. Riding Mo during that run felt great, like he was focused and wasn’t in pain anymore. Now I’m not afraid to take Mo barrel racing and I don’t brace myself for a fight at the gate. I feel that we’re in sync and we can accomplish something good together.

– Kate Rhoades

I Was Desperate To Get My Horses To Drink, I Was Relieved To Find Rein Water

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I decided to purchase 2 ponies to keep my mare company: Al Capony and Nacho Libre. They were absolutely adorable and very sweet, but they had trouble adjusting to their new surroundings. I provided them with a special, shorter water trough that I kept in the shade, right next to a salt lick to try and encourage them to drink, but they refused. I was at a loss since I had never had a horse refuse to drink before. The ponies were already in need of some extra weight, so the fact that they were also refusing to drink water was worrisome. I did some research, and that’s when I came across Rein Water. I had never seen anything like it. Other products focused on offering horses something to lick before they drank, rather than including something into the water that encouraged horses to drink. Eager to find a solution, I gave Rein Water a try. I mixed some Rein Water into a trough, and also had a plain water trough available right next to it. I gave the ponies some time to check-out the troughs, and they continued to ignore the plain water, but to my surprise, they started drinking from the trough with Rein Water! I monitored their water consumption throughout the day, and they continued to drink from the Rein Water trough. It was such a relief to find something that encouraged my stubborn ponies to drink. Now, they are much better about keeping themselves hydrated, but whenever they decide to be difficult, I know that I have a reliable and safe product that will help keep all of my animals healthy and hydrated.

– Alyssa Fleming


How to know if your horse has ulcers and tips to prevent them

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Want to learn more about ulcers and stress?

by Julie Goodnight,

Research shows that more horses have ulcers than don’t. The statistics are overwhelming and in some regards, it’s easier to assume a horse has ulcers than to assume he doesn’t. According to the AAEP (American Association  for Equine Practitioners), up to 90 percent of racehorses and 60 percent of show horses, as well as non-performance horses and even foals are affected by equine gastric ulcers. It can affect any horse, regardless of age or circumstance, and often it is a man-made condition, brought on by stress.

Definitively diagnosing ulcers in horses is a challenge because of the specialized equipment needed to scope the horse’s stomach, but a horse with ulcers may show signs of frequent colic, lack of appetite, depressed attitude and a failure to thrive—often referred to as a “hard keeper.” Sometimes we treat the symptoms but forget to address the cause. What causes a horse stress is different for each horse and may be hard to suss out, but it could be something as obvious as a heavy training/travel/competition schedule or something as subtle as a bully in the herd. Confinement, training and performance, feeding procedures, relocation, instability in the herd, isolation or separation could all be contributing factors. I believe we owe it to our horses to make their lives as comfortable and stress-free as we can, and even then, some horses will still have ulcers. 

Besides addressing lifestyle and reducing stress, there are some helpful things you can do to prevent ulcers. Free-feeding a low-protein grass hay will help a lot—keeping the digestive track full, as it was designed to be, is a good place to start. Pharmaceuticals are now available to heal ulcers and are highly effective, but also highly expensive. To me, prevention is key by keeping the horse’s lifestyle as stress free as possible, feeding free choice hay and a balanced diet and by giving them plenty of access to other horses.

Julie Goodnight is an internationally respected trainer and clinician with experience in many types of training. Learn more at

 Want to learn more about ulcers and stress?