Why do they do it?

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Horses are bigger, faster and stronger than their human comrades. We compete with them, relax with them and work them into a sweat. They can unload us at any moment of their choosing. With that in mind, why do they so often do the great and frequently, very difficult things we ask of them? Why do they do it?

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It’s Not Just a Horse…

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We all have strong feelings for, and relationships with our horses, so when we hear of starving abandoned and abused horses, we are devastated.

Redmond likes to support and aid rescue horses when we can.

One of our associates recently wrote this poem as a reaction to hearing of yet more horses found abandoned and starving recently…

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You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

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Getting a horse to drink enough water has been a challenge for a long time. So long, in fact, that “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” is the oldest English-language proverb still in use, appearing for the first time before the year 1175. We’ve all heard it, and most of us have had first-hand experience trying to disprove it with horses of our own. But what makes it so familiar?

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Do you know your Redmond Salt?

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8 Fun facts about Redmond:

• Our Salt mine is in Central Utah, in the little town of Redmond. Let us know if you are ever close by and maybe you can come down and mine your own rock. It gets pretty dark down there.
• We have enough salt to in the mine to last another 800 years.

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Have You Been to an Equine Affair Show?

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Three of our Redmond Equine Team have just returned from the Springfield Equine Affair in Massachusetts, and it was a “Rockin” affair. We sold through 4 crates of our 3-5lb Rock, plus cases of our Daily Gold Stress Relief, Daily Red Electrolytes, First Aid, and T Shirts.
There were some things about the Show we loved…and some we didn’t. Here are our Best and Worst!

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What Does Your Horse Have in Common with Olympic Speed Skater Maria Lamb?

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Did you know Redmond sponsors Olympic athlete Maria Lamb? As one of our many partners, Maria Lamb is training and preparing for the Sochi Olympics in 2014 representing the US in ice speed skating. She spends more time on ice skates than on a horse, but she uses our food-grade salt for the same reasons your horse needs Redmond Equine: electrolyte replacement, increased energy and mineral support. If you appreciate excellence or Olympic determination, read about Maria’s training and preparation in this week’s blog post.

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An Excursion on Lake Powell with Redmond

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Recently Heather and Jeremy Reynolds joined Redmond on a company leadership retreat on beautiful Lake Powell. Heather was kind enough to share her experience with us:

“Jeremy and I were invited to the Redmond Lake Powell company trip. When we were invited we hadn’t met anyone on the trip in person before. The trip sounded fun and we really like the Redmond products so we decided to go for it as we wanted to get to know people in the company.

When we told our friends we were going to Lake Powell on a houseboat they would ask us who we were going with and we would have to pause and then tell them that we really didn’t know! That was the only odd part about it really.

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