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Horse in snow in the winter

Winter horse care tips

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If you live in an area with real winters or just have a horse that grows in a super heavy winter coat you know that riding and conditioning this time of year can be a challenge. It’s hard to get in good rides not just because of the shorter daylight but because you don’t want to bring back a sweaty horse that is going to stay wet for hours, often past dark if you aren’t able to ride early in the day.

Those of you that have indoor barns are sure lucky but since I know many don’t here are a couple of tips from an endurance rider on how to manage keeping or getting your horse conditioned through the winter months. Read More

Keeping my therapy horses healthy and hydrated

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I have 10 horses. They all have jobs: jumping, driving, lessons, etc., but their most important job is helping people. They are therapy horses. A lot of people depend on them. They depend on me to keep them healthy and hydrated. I depend on Redmond’s Daily Gold,  salt Rocks and Redmond Rock Crushed salt added to their other daily  supplements. I love seeing their water buckets half emptied during the night. Their 100 gallon water trough in turnout has to be filled daily. I love hydrated horses.

horse therapyOne of the favorites of the herd is Donkey. He came to The Barn when he was five months old. He was a rescue. He was being fed 4 squares of dry hay blocks a day, had had no vaccines, vet checks or hoof care. The vet said he hadn’t grown appropriately because he was severely underfed. He was also dehydrated. We put him on free feed, scattered salt rocks, added Daily Gold and Redmond Rock Crushed salt to his morning supplements. Before long, he was healthy, hydrated and well fed. This was extremely lucky for Santos. Santos was a reservist  in the National Healer Competition. He loved his job and had won a lot of money. Then he was put into a slide stop without his slide boots. He was permanently disabled. Everyone who came on the property said he was depressed. Who wouldn’t be? In one moment he lost his health, his job, his herd, his home and his leader. He was donated to our non-profit when it became clear he would never fully recover.   Read More

Kara Posch

Keeping my horse calm before a run

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Six and I just finished up our year at the Great Lakes Circuit Finals in Louisville, KY. We had another Great Finals, we were 1st in one round and placed 2nd in another. 

I used the Daily Gold quick relief ulcer syringes every night before running. Six tends to get tense before his run as he anticipates the excitement. If the alleyway at a rodeo is really long it is difficult for me to get him all the way down it while keeping him calm and staying focused. In Louisville the alleyway is really long and downhill. It was important to get all the way to the bottom of the hill so we could have a level approach to the first barrel.

Six stayed calm and collected every night all the way down the alley, which helped us work better as a team together. Thank you Redmond and Redmond products for everything you have done for Six and his health. Redmond’s Daily Gold syringes, Daily Gold and Redmond Rock Crushed have been a big help in keeping Six feeling good throughout the rodeo season. Keeping him eating and drinking  is so important in making him feel good and perform at his optimum. A healthy horse is a happy horse.

Kara Posch

Learn more about the Daily Gold Syringe

Redmond Rock - Trigger for Hydration

Iron in Redmond Rock and Daily Gold

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Is my horse getting too much iron from Redmond Rock and/or Daily Gold. Short answer: no.

According to the National Research Council (NRC), iron requirements for a mature horse are 40 to 50 ppm. This does not mean that a mineral tag that says 300 ppm of iron is too much. What it does mean is 50 mg per kg of feed. The average horse eats around 12 kg/day so the iron requirement would be around 600 mg/day with the range being from 500 to 1200 mg/day depending on size and exercise levels.  

It is very important to note that forages contain well over these amounts and the NRC also states that horses should eat 2% of their body weight/day of forage.  So horses are consuming far more than the suggested amounts of iron.  But why wouldn’t that be the case?  After all, iron is the 4th most abundant element in the earth’s crust and horses have been grazing for centuries without issues.  So this kind of variation in the literature is normal.  Mineral requirements are not an exact science by any stretch, and when you consider the form each element is in, how many of all the other 90 elements the horse is getting and in what ratios, and the relationships with all the other digestive microorganisms, this mineral interaction web is extremely complex.   Challenges usually occur when we stray from normal and natural nutrition.

So what about Redmond Rock and Daily Gold?  Of the suggested 500 to 1200 mg/day, Daily Gold provides around 114 mg/day and Redmond Rock around 20 mg/day, far under the minimum requirements.  We’ve been feeding horses and all kinds of other animals for decades with a proven track record of improvements in health and production with Redmond product inclusions.

Jec Ballou Ride and Tie finish line

Staying hydrated on long rides (and runs)

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By Jec A. Ballou

By mile 28, I had all of our muscles in mind—my own, my teammate’s, and our horse’s. An identifiable panic that they all might not hold up for the remaining hot seven miles dented my ribcage. We were within sight of 3rd place at the Ride and Tie World Championships, but the desert heat and elevation had combined to drain any reserves we might have stored. My legs moved heavier each step, the horse’s body felt labored. And yet we all trudged on, able and steady.

Right then I thought about the Redmond salt and minerals that all three of us had fueled on and what an extreme test we were putting them to. For the uninitiated, Ride and Tie is an endurance race where each human on the team (teams are made of two runners plus a horse), alternates running and riding. As each rider swaps her role to runner, she jumps off the horse and leaves him tied to a tree until her teammate catches up and climbs onboard. Each team continues to leapfrog in this manner for 35 miles; the fastest team wins.

For the 2016 championship event at Cuyamaca State Park outside San Diego, our whole team relied on Redmond beginning three days before the race when I upped our horse’s Redmond Rock Crushed intake and dosed him with a syringe of Daily Gold paste for the long trailer ride. The morning of the race, my teammate and I tucked several Re-Lyte tablets (Real Salt) in our hydration running packs. The fierce desert sun was doing its best to melt us after the initial miles of singletrack where a few shadows still lingered across the trail. Temperatures climbed towards mid-90’s, the dry air felt thin and inadequate. This was the kind of day when even well primed muscles just quit, or cramped. Or horses got dehydrated and could not recover.

Ride and Tie raceAnd yet—thanks, Redmond!—none of that happened. Our Arabian gelding Duncan sailed through both mid-course vet inspections with good hydration and gut sounds. Melissa and I lost some speed in the last miles, but our legs never cramped or quit. When I worried that my quads would turn rubbery and useless, they kept responding fine. We kept a steady assault on every rock-strewn hill as it came, scrambled through dried up streambeds. When we made the final turn on a dusty trail to the finish line, we have a little surge of everything left to claim 4th place, our highest placing so far in the championships of this challenging, crazy sport.

Redmond’s motto is to ‘elevate the human experience.’ I have been a first-hand recipient of that promise more than once. A month earlier, I had run across the Grand Canyon and back relying on Re-lyte tablets. And now here I was at another finish line, this time with a friend and a horse also elevated by Redmond. In today’s hyper niche nutritional world, I’m grateful to have a company so straightforward and simple that can cover the needs of both my horse and I in the daily challenged I love.

Jec is a committed rider, author, philosopher, published poet, and athlete.

Problems and Solutions

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I love my Arabian, Mharquis. We’ve been together since 2006. He is my first horse. We were both rookies and we have learned a lot together. He’s a level 4 Parelli horse now. We can jump bareback and bridleless, we can play at liberty without halter or lead rope. Of all of this, it turns out he loves endurance riding the most.

With all the good, there’s been some bad. Unfortunately, we’ve also been through stifle issues, a suspensory injury, ulcers, and anorexia. Recently we had a saddle “slippage” event, because he’d lost so much weight. This left us with two problems: 1) the bruising and scraping of his inner rear legs from the stirrups hitting the inside of his rear legs when he ran away after the saddle slipped, and  2) getting him to eat to put weight back on. He has free access to hay. But getting him to eat the vet-prescribed supplements wasn’t going well. Then I tried putting his Daily Gold Quick Relief Syringe in his supplements. He couldn’t eat it fast enough. For the first time ever, he ate every drop.    

firstaidforhorsesI also put First Aid clay for horses all over his rear legs after the event, to pull out any dirt or infection, act as a poultice, and to take down the swelling. I came to trust and love this poultice after repeatedly applying it to the little calf behind my property when he somehow got a 6 to 8 inch gash that went down to his bone. I noticed it one day when I was feeding my horses and he came up to the fence. It was oozing infection and ugly with flies. I reported it to my neighbor, but she is elderly and seemed confused and unsure of how to handle it. So I slipped over the fence every day, fed them a little and put clay on.  In a few weeks his wound was completely healed.  He clearly associated the daily ministrations with pain relief because every morning he walks to me and puts his side to me. 

I love Daily Gold as well. It handles Mharquis’s ulcers. I don’t see those wet, obsessive, scratching marks on his belly area any more.  One element:  clay, and it’s all natural. Love these products. Love the results!!! I loved them so much, that one day while pulling milkweek when gardening, my arms suddenly felt like they were on fire. I ran into the house and washed my arms like crazy, but it didn’t help. I looked up and First Aid was sitting on the windowsill, so I grabbed it and put it on my arms. The burning instantly stopped. Love this stuff.

-Jolene Green

Anti-Caking Agent for Horse Feeds?

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If you’ve purchased Daily Gold in Canada, you may have been confused by the label. In order to get Daily Gold approved and registered in Canada, we had to put something on the label that the government approves. The only thing bentonite clay is approved for is as an anti-caking agent.

Don’t worry, though. Daily Gold in Canada is the same great bentonite clay that has a number of benefits for your horse. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Daily Gold transformed my mare

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I’ve been using Redmond Daily Gold now for quite a while, and being without it is inconceivable to me.  My mare, Sienna, was having some very big issues when her stablemate was taken away, and all she would do, all day and night, was pace her fence line non-stop.  She lost weight and wore her shoes down to basically aluminum foil.  I tried several products to see if they’d help, and nothing did, but when I tried Daily Gold, by the end of that day she was standing peacefully in her stall and had settled down tremendously.  Read More

Daily Gold transformed my senior horse

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We rescued our wonderful mare, Star, nearly 13 years ago when she was 12 years old, suffering from the aftermath of terrible abuse, and pregnant. She’d been through some awful times (and has the scars to prove it), but was still wanting so much to love and trust. Horses are remarkable that way, aren’t they? She gave birth to her daughter, Nova, about three months after joining our family and they both still live in our pasture along with their sidekick, a miniature donkey named Bobby Sue. Read More

Have You Used Redmond Daily Gold to Heal Your Horse?

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Horses are such amazing creatures especially when you consider their ability to recover from something as serious as colic surgery. On April 9th 2014, my horse Pro Bono “Bo” underwent colic surgery due to a 180 degree twist of his large intestine. It was a scary time for us especially the first week after the surgery, waiting to see if Bo was going to make it or not.

Read More