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How Daily Gold Helped Relieve One Horse’s Ulcers and Stress

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I have been feeding the Redmond Daily Gold to my primary Gelding, Ace, for at least 4 years and love it as much now as I did when I first started it!

About 4 years ago I moved my horse, Ace, to a new pasture due to some life changes. He did not handle it well. He dropped weight because he was a very hard keeper and was stressed. He ended up with ulcers. After the initial treatment for the ulcers I still didn’t notice any improvements with him, so a friend suggested that I try the Redmond Daily Gold to see if it would help. I was desperate to help Ace feel better and ordered that day. Within a short time, Ace’s attitude was back to normal and I could see that he was gaining weight back. With the Redmond Daily Gold, I got my happy healthy horse back and he’s been on it since! Daily Gold not only helped Ace’s tummy, but I also noticed that he was calmer at the gate when we competed, wanted to run in every time, and was back to loving his job.

Now Ace continues to love his job and is never gate sour, but rather has a hard time waiting for his turn to go. I am so thankful for the Redmond Daily Gold; it gave me my Ace back happy and healthy!


-Stephanie Schelonka

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Josie the wonder mare

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Jose Shady Lady, Josie, is our 22 year old mare. This mare has been used for everything from reining 12-15 years ago, Jr rodeo (barrels and poles), broodmare and now our beloved lesson horse.

Before we started Redmond Daily Gold with her she would drop a lot of weight in the winter time and it would take a long time for her to shed and look nice again. We knew that weight loss sometimes is a side effect of age. We tried supplemented and more feed and didn’t really see much improvement.

We bred her for the last time 3 years ago and I was really worried about how she’d hold her condition over the winter especially pregnant. We started Redmond in the fall while she was pregnant and she kept great weight through the winter. Come spring time she shed out quickly and her coat looked amazing!

She gave us a jet black filly beginning of May 2015. Both Josie and the filly still get Daily Gold every day and both look amazing. I honestly don’t think Josie would have lasted another winter had it not been for Redmond.

Pictured is Josie a few days ago- 22 years young.

What I did about my barrel horse’s ulcers

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by Marika Skinner, Skinner Performance Horses

In 2015 I sent my main barrel mount away to Arizona for some finishing. While he was away, the stress of a new environment, hard training and not to mention the summer heat in Arizona was too much and he developed a raging case of ulcers. With the ulcers came back pain, behavior issues, weight loss, and a horrible coat. His eyes and coat lost their shine and you could tell he felt as miserable as he looked. After vet visits and diagnosing the ulcers we began treatment but the question came of how to prevent this from happening again? We began our search for a daily preventative. There are a lot of options out there and everyone will point you in a different direction. Most of the products suggested were not something we could have afforded long term. We tried a few with no real results and we came across Daily Gold at our local feed store and we figured we had nothing to lose. After even two weeks we noticed huge differences not only in his physical appearance, but his attitude as well! We had such great results with the one horse we implemented Redmond into our feeding program for every horse we have. We feed it to our babies all the way to our retired geriatrics. We will continue to use Redmond Equine for every horse that comes through our doors!

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Horse with ulcers

Before using Daily Gold.

Horse after using Daily Gold for ulcers

After being on Daily Gold.

Girls on horses

Our cost effective ulcer treatment

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By Lauren Fischelis, Advanced PATH Intl. Instructor

I am the Equine Manager at a non-profit therapeutic riding facility in Massachusetts. We have 14 horses in our program and about 90 riders a week. I have recently put all of them on the Redmond’s Daily Gold, having already had previous success with my own personal horse. I have already seen a major difference in all of them. Their coats are so shiny, they are all so relaxed, and their stomachs are doing great, especially our horses with a history of ulcers. Read More

Thoroughbred in field

What Daily Gold has done for my OTTB mare

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Daily Gold is a part of my mare’s daily routine and I love what it has done for her.

I found her while undergoing rehab after surgery on her knees. She was on stall rest and started on Daily Gold. For a “hot” thoroughbred, being stuck in a stall is not fun, however she handled it all in stride. After 2-1/2 years she is fully recovered from her injuries. Daily Gold remains part of our routine. She looks and feels great. I am grateful for having found Redmond Equine and their products. Read More

Daily Gold transformed my senior horse

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We rescued our wonderful mare, Star, nearly 13 years ago when she was 12 years old, suffering from the aftermath of terrible abuse, and pregnant. She’d been through some awful times (and has the scars to prove it), but was still wanting so much to love and trust. Horses are remarkable that way, aren’t they? She gave birth to her daughter, Nova, about three months after joining our family and they both still live in our pasture along with their sidekick, a miniature donkey named Bobby Sue. Read More

Have You Used Redmond Daily Gold to Heal Your Horse?

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Horses are such amazing creatures especially when you consider their ability to recover from something as serious as colic surgery. On April 9th 2014, my horse Pro Bono “Bo” underwent colic surgery due to a 180 degree twist of his large intestine. It was a scary time for us especially the first week after the surgery, waiting to see if Bo was going to make it or not.

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Get Your Horse Back – And share with your neighbor!

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I just had to tell you the great news. I gave my neighbor Tink one of the samples of Daily Gold you sent me, and she started giving it to her Appaloosa mare, Apryl. Now, anytime she and I would go riding and this mare was left in her stall, she would scream and scream and bolt all around her pen. We could hear her until we were out of earshot, and on the way back we could hear her again once we were back in earshot. When we’d get back home, she’d be soaking wet from forelock to tail and exhausted.

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