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Horses love Redmond Equine products, and horse caretakers love the healthy benefits! Here are a few customer stories, and you can read many more reviews on our Facebook page.

“I love this product because of it natural healing in our rescued horses. After the stress of neglect and or abuse many horses when rescued over eat minerals and or salt when given free choice, this causes many additional health issues. When I happened upon your product and started providing it to our rescues fresh off the trailer we found they couldn’t over eat this product, and the issues such as loose stools, over consumption of salt/minerals followed by water no longer was an issue. I found that I also no longer needed a mineral supplement for those horses as they got all they needed naturally thru your product. After seeing those amazing results I added your “rocks” to all my breeding stallions feed buckets. I noticed less stable stress, and a change in coat coloring, the coats of my stallions got a new found brilliance and deeper hue of the base color. My bays were brighter and glowed, my palomino had dark hues and shimmering highlights that just exploded in his coat, my black stallion gained that iridescence of that you see on a black tail feather on a rooster, blues and purple shades popped. They looked healthier, they were happier….. as easy as putting a rock in a bucket! Your product is safe,a cost saving measure for me as well, they do not break, they cant be over eaten, don’t dissolve, and its all natural to boot! I keep them in every paddock, every stall, every pasture, and wouldn’t ever think of being without them. If you ever need a statement of how great and easy it is to use this “rock” please do not hesitate to call me I will be there with bells on. I am a believer, a user and an advocate for this product, just to say it in plain english I love it, my horses love it, it works, it saves me money, what more could be said!”
Barbara Knopf – Luvs Morgan Horse Rescue – La Valle, WI

“Not only does my horse love it, but I know she is getting the minerals she needs.”
Annette Williams – Heber City, UT

“I’ve been a horseman for 36 years now and I’ve never seen a product my horses have loved like this! It is far superior to any other salts I have tried in the past.”
Kent Nickell – South Jordan, UT

“Since my last message I have added Redmond Daily Red to 4 of the horses that weren’t drinking well although they had rocks. World of difference in water intake!! These horses are retired ottbs here at the rescue.”
Vivki Vilchek, PA

“I used the new wound salve on my dogs puss filled wound. In one day no infection. Day two healed beyond belief.”
Sarah Bates

“It’s rodeo Season!!! I have been traveling the states to each rodeo, I am happy to say, He is ulcer free and feeling good thanks to Daily Gold, Daily red and Rock on a Rope ! I also had my equine chiropractor check my horses and he said “everyone should feed Daily Gold to regulate the digestion system as it helps out the body with so much”. I am Pretty amazed with all the hours in the trailer hauling and the stress my gelding goes though, he looks amazing, and never skips a meal since staring him on Daily gold. I also keep a rock on a rope in the trailer for him if her needs it while hauling under these hot conditions. The daily red really keeps him hydrated and drinking on the road, Love it, and so does he! I find that the local stores are now carrying it which is awesome! now it is convent for people to purchase. I have been sharing with others on the road as well as giving samples, I love hearing the wonderful feed back about how Redmond is help other equine athletes.”

“I started using it on our cattle branding trip in ND, she ate it just fine. She maintained her weight that week (and thereafter) despite the intense workouts and she also drank well. Great product. Once I get my other mare healthy I’d like to try it on her, she’s the one with the gut issues. Thanks for letting me try this product. I also bought the Redmond bath salts online, love it!”
Courtney Ferreira, MN – Barrel Racer

“I know its been awhile since I touched base with you on the product. My grouchy ulcer horse and my runny stooled horse have continued to do well on you product. I gave the samples to two different clients and one of those was very satisfied and will continue to use it. I am going to order some more product soon for the three horses on the gold and probably get a few salt licks as well. Thanks again for hooking me up with such a great product!!”
Heather Valentine

Daily Gold

“I recently started using your product on my son’s 2 rodeo horses. I was very shocked to see the results after just 2 weeks of using it. I watched in awe this weekend as my son and his horses dominated the competition. This is his first year in the junior age division  (9 to 13 year old boys). He was the only one to catch his calf in breakaway with a 3.97 sec run. I believe Daily Gold had a lot to do with it.”
Virginia B.

“I got some of the Daily Gold a while back and have noticed a great difference in my horses! I am hesitant to buy products that I am not familiar with as there is so much out on the market, most of which just seems to making the trainers feel better instead of the horses! After two+ weeks on the Daily Gold  Stress Relief my very nervous and antsy horse showed a lot of change. When I took him to a Dressage Clinic I was able to have a much calmer and easier to work with horse than he has been in the past few years. The clinician who saw him earlier this year even noticed a difference in his attitude and energy and commented on it!”
Zach Rabow

Thank you for a product that truly helps the horses!

“I noticed a huge change in my horse’s condition since she’s been on the Daily Gold.  Her coat was ruddy looking this winter and the color was dull.  She is now back to her brilliant red chestnut color and looks healthier, shinier, and perkier.”
Amy Skinner, MI – Horsewoman and Instructor

“This is Stoney. 7 yr old gelding that came to me thin and needing some TLC. After 1 month on Daily Gold he is looking great and feeling great. He doesn’t weave as much and should be ready for summer. Thank you for the sample. I will be ordering lots more.”

Sara Hudson, MN – Barrel Racer

“Sienna has done very well with Daily Gold, I’m very excited to try your samples.  I checked on her around 10:00 pm last night and again at midnight, and both times she was not pacing, but rather standing under her cover, obviously relaxed and not anxious.  Before, she was pacing all night and all day, nonstop.

I’ve already started telling people how impressed I am with Daily Gold.

update: I’ll be sure to tell everyone how fantastic Daily Gold worked for Sienna and my neighbor’s horse Apryl. In fact, since Sienna’s been on Daily Gold, I wanted to tell you that every time I go riding with my friends, they keep commenting on what a “changed horse” she’s become, far more relaxed and less figgity. And her fence line pacing has dropped a good 90% now. Daily Gold is exactly what it is!”
Kim Landfather, NV

“My guy Jedi saying it’s time feed me my Redmond Daily Gold we love it he is eating better and drinking more water!”
Linda Aiello

“I keep my 19 year old barrel horse on daily gold because he blossoms on it. I have had him for 11 years and he used to colic mildly all the time. Since starting daily gold about a year ago he’s had only one slight episode and he has gained a bunch of weight and he drinks better than he ever did.”
Sherry Haser

“After starting my arab gelding on Daily Gold, he just seems so much calmer about everything!”
Rachel Larman

“I started using Daily Gold – Stress Relief on Ladybug about 2 months ago and I can’t believe the difference in her attitude and energy level. No one believes me when I say she is 18 this year.”
Janet Tipton

“Redmond makes the best stuff for horses on earth! Daily Gold has turned my mare Sienna in to a more relaxed, much calmer horse. I recommend this stuff very highly!”
Fawn Littlesky

“After 4 months on Daily Gold and having 2 months of lush green pasture our Ciroqu is actually chubby now. He was a rescue that we purchased in September 2013. Thank you Redmond for helping us get him back into good shape!”
Pam Miller

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the daily gold. We are using it on 11 head of horses now. So far we have not had a bit of trouble with any having issues with colic so I have got to attribute it to the Daily Gold. I have also talked to our dear friends who have 5 head and they are interested in trying it. I would like to order two more of the large buckets (I believe they are 25 lb) and one for them. I have not quoted any prices to them. Please let me know if this is possible. We had another big 3 day race this weekend with 402 barrel racers from all over, and we gave away some Daily Gold packets that we had left over from our spring race. I can’t thank you enough for your support. We truly love this product!”
Suzan Holdaway

“I compete in barrel racing with my horses, which requires many weekends away and time on the road.  Since I starting adding Daily Gold religiously the past year, I have noticed brighter eyes, better skin and hoof health, more even temperament and decreased “ulcer-ish” behavior.  I have also noticed that my horses are drinking more and seem to be utilizing their feed better, which gives them more energy, better stamina and a much improved sense of well-being.  I am big fan of Daily Gold and I have encouraged many of my peers/clients to feed it as well.”
Erica Crabtree

“Barbie has been on Daily Gold all summer. Her ulcer is gone and she grew in dapples with her winter coat!”
Maxine Favreau

frombonestohealth-dailygold“I just wanted to send a recent picture of how well Hap is doing and to thank you again! The daily gold has truly been a life saver.”
Shelley W.

Daily Gold Syringe

“I’d brought my horse to the Cal Horse Expo and he was exhibiting signs of ulcers. The Daily Gold Syringe brought nearly immediate relief! I dosed him with the powder Daily Gold the next day and his appetite continued to improve. Trying to show a horse with ulcers is so difficult to manage and this appears to be the game changer we needed. Thank you!”

“I used it to help ease my mare out of her bout with diarrhea and it worked wonderfully. Her stools were back to normal after two days (one dose per day coupled with her standard dose of Daily Gold powder).”
Dalia Griffith

“Great product. It controlled the diarrhea my horse had from the rich grass we have this summer. Works like a charm. Would highly recommend.”
Ruta S.

“I really loved the Quick Relief Syringe. My horse didn’t spit it out and it worked great for his runny poop!”

“I was really impressed by how fast it started working. Definitely will purchase again.”

“It worked quite well for my horse. I noticed a big difference in her attitude.”

“I used it at a show. It seemed to quiet the stomach. Horse had been having loose stool.”

Redmond Rock

“I have a super nice show colt that did extremely well last year in the show ring. He has always been a bit of a slow and picky eater. I introduced the rock to him and he seems to be eating and drinking much more aggressively.  Understand this horse gets the best hay and feed along with a mineral block etc.  Just wanted to tell you I am a believer.  GREAT product.”
Jason B.

“I have started to use the samples of the Redmond Rock and the loose Redmond Red daily mineral with my horses. Already, I have found that my horses are enjoying licking the rock and are eating the mineral without hesitation.  I have also noticed an increase of water consumption with my horses as well.  One of my horses normally does not drink much water over night, and his consumption has increased over 50 percent.  I know how important it is for horses to drink water and also how important it is to provide them with the proper vitamin and minerals so that they are able to perform to the best of their abilities, also for their well being and improved body functions.”
Russ Krachun, Ontario

“I am involved with Miniature Horses and breed, train and show Miniatures at the World and National level. As a Purchasing Agent, I am always looking for equine products that are natural and good for the horse which led me to Redmond Rock. My horses seem to take just what they need instead of eating an entire brick of a candy coated salt brick. I too have just experienced its healing properties as I have an infection in my foot and after 3 nights soaking it in the sea salt mixture, it is now on the mend. What a fantastic product made in America!!”
Janet Lewis, Va.

“In my opinion, this is the best product out there. It helped my mare, Sienna, cope with the stress of losing her stablemate. She went from nonstop frantic pacing to relaxing in her stall. It truly works!”
Fawn Littlesky

“I hang a Redmond salt block in each stall. After they eat their snicker bar (grain) they eat their tater chips (salt).”
Nancy Rust

“Our horses love their Redmond mineral stones & lock them all the time! Always drink lot’s of water too!”
Marty Bowers

“I have a horse off the track, he weaves and crabs at me. After a month of Daily Gold, he looks great and a lot less crabbing at me. And less weaving!! That is the best part.”
Sara Hudson

“Love it. Just got an anxious mare in for training. Put her on it. Better all ready.”
Sarah Bates

“Put all three of mine on it. The old mare started gaining weight and their coats looks great.”
Dawn Allen

“My horse Sundance loves his Redmond rock. He has chosen to “work on” it over the tm salt block and the plain white chunk that are in his bucket. The Redmond has a clean licked gnaw spot on it. So it has his seal of approval! Smack!”
Marsha Putnam, MI

“I have to tell you – they very much enjoy the rocks. Since I got the two rocks on a rope, I gave them to my 2 that like to lick more. My 5 year old DWB/TB, Rufus, LOVES his rock on a rope, and licks it compulsively. Or tries biting it, lol. My senior QH, Ripley, also really enjoys his rock. As a test, I left their old salt block holders in their stalls when I put the rocks in….and they are ignoring their old blocks entirely!”
Colleen Peachey

“All of my horses have free-choice access to a Redmond Rock salt lick. Its naturally irregular shape is much more appealing than a chemically processed and hardened brick. When my horses are on the road, I prefer to use Redmond Daily Red, a granulated form added to the feed, to be sure my horses are getting the right balance of salt. With the added stress of traveling, I feel it is critical to my horse’s hydration and over-all vitality, as well as insuring a rapid recovery from strenuous exercise.”
Julie Goodnight

“I am concerned about the health of my horses. I want to give them the best salt I can, and the one they like is Redmond Rock.”
B.K. – Scottsdale, AZ

“We put a Redmond Rock in the stable of our outstanding young event horse. He absolutely loved his rock, which tells me he needs the minerals it provides.”
Felicity, England

“With Redmond Rock we found that our horses drink a lot more water in both the heat of the summer and the cold winter days. We have tried the compressed block and they don’t lick it as well – and we end up losing most of it to the weather.”
Marsha Lancaster – West Jordan, UT

“Redmond Rock is an important part of our balanced diets we feed our horses. Trace minerals and salt in the rawest form are essential for our equine athletes.”
Sean Patrick – New Smyrna Beach, FL

“My three horses have small Redmond Rocks in their feed tubs and they lick them every day. It such an easy way to make sure they get essential minerals and salt.”
Lesley Ward – Editor, Young Rider Magazine

“We train over 40 horses that spend a lot of time in the winner’s circle. After testing Redmond Rock, our horses blossomed–they consumed more salt and drank more water, their performance improved and their hoof quality and hair coat began to look terrific. Daily Red and Daily Red Plus are invaluable supplements for the horses at Global Endurance Center. We would not want to go without them.”
Christoph Schork, Global Endurance Training Center

“We are very impressed with Redmond Rock products. I have two Rocky Mountain horses that suffer from chronic laminitis. They both love the Redmond Rock! Within one week, the 17-year-old was kicking up her heels at the cows and running to the barn! We haven’t seen that for over a year. I wanted to tell you how grateful we are. We have been constantly looking for something that would help their condition and Redmond Rock definitely does that!”
Martha Henderson – Maysville, KY

“I love this rock salt! My horses can’t get enough of it! ”
Janet Hancey – Erda, UT

“It wasn’t long before my horses’ coats and hooves became stronger, their stamina on cross country improved, and they stayed hydrated much longer. My horses are much happier and healthier since I found Redmond Rock.”
Nicky Jones, CO

First Aid for Horses

“I have always used another product and last weekend my horse came in with a large horse bite on is neck so I set off using the product I have always used and after three days I was concerned about the way it was looking pussie and swollen. I decided to try the Redmond First Aid and the next day I could not believe the difference in the bite. It looked healed the swelling was gone and it was clearing up, just could not believe the difference in 24 hours. I have just found my new go to for wound care. Thanks!”
Sue Jackson

“I heard about this from a friend when my horse was injured last fall. I used this on him and really liked it. It stayed on and kept the flies off. Win/win. When it did come off, the injury was healed.”

 “This product is fantastic!! For kicks, bites, and other skin abrasions it works wonders to draw the swelling out, then dry and heal the wound. Keeps flies out too. I really like that it is a natural product and won’t use anything else! I’ve loaned my tube to several other boarders at my barn and they love it too! Even better, the price is reasonable and one tube lasts a long time :)”
Monica A.


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Barbie has been on Redmond Gold all summer, her ulcer is gone and she grew in dapples with her winter coat!

Posted by Maxine McKenna Favreau on Monday, November 17, 2014

We are very happy to use you products . We use daily gold ,this is a picture of a run at a local large event the horse won almost 1000 in case and prizes

Posted by Rod Osborne on Monday, September 7, 2015

Redmond Daily Gold is amazing.. Thanks to Horses in the Morning for commenting on this amazing product. It’s part of Conga’s daily regimen.

Posted by Ute Shepherd on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I’ve been using Redmond Daily Gold now for quite a while, and being without it is inconceivable to me. My mare, Sienna,…

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Don’t just take our word for it

I am concerned about the health of my horses. I want to give them the best salt I can, and the one they like is Redmond Rock.

B.K. – Scottsdale, AZ

Not only does my horse love it, but I know she is getting the minerals she needs.

Annette Williams – Heber City, UT

I love this rock salt! My horses can’t get enough of it!

Janet Hancey – Erda, UT