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“Two of our horses have had chronic diarrhea and occasional colic
episodes, but since using Daily Gold they are doing great!”

– S. Sorensen Los Olivos, CA

“Since he’s been on the Daily Gold, he’s not acting like eating is something that makes his stomach hurt. He’s happier when I ride him and just seems to enjoy life more.”
– Candace Lostroh

“I have a very high strung barrel horse that has always been hard to ride, hard to control, and impossible to get in the gate. I put her on Daily Gold. About a month and a half later I went to a big race. When it was our turn she calmly walked in the gate, no rearing, and she made one of her best runs ever.”
– Stephanie Malone

“A chiropractor looked at Six and he referred me to Daily Gold. He
said that Daily Gold is the only thing that will heal an ulcer and prevent
one… Six has never looked or felt better then he does today!

– Professional Barrel Racer, Kara Posch

“Miss Daisy looked amazing, a far cry from the rescue horse that we picked up 5 months ago. We credit Daily Gold in this amazing transformation!”
– Mindy Mosteiro

“It was obvious that [Poor Thing] was on the fast track to dead. Since PT had liquid diarrhea upon his arrival, we added Daily Gold to his meals from day one, and kept him on it. The diarrhea subsided.”
– Glenn Hebert – Horse Radio Network

Read how he got PT back in shape again here.


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