“I use your Daily Gold on my high stress ulcer prone barrel horse and he's done a complete 180 on your product!”

Cory from Vermont

All these symptoms are signs of high stress in your horse.

Picky Eater

Loss of appetite, dehydration, and diarrhea.


Poor attitude, resistance, lack of focus, and girthiness.

High Strung

Stressed behaviors, anxious, and inability to calm down.

Health Issues

Loss of body condition, dull coat, weight loss.

“This is a hard product to beat. It works like a million bucks. We use it daily.”

Rocky HExcellent product.
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Save Your Horse, and Save Your Money!

Before you drop hundreds of dollars on expensive pharmaceuticals, try Daily Gold first. It's an effective and economical solution to getting your horse back.

Be Your Horse's Hero.

Find out how Daily Gold can help.

Kara Posch barrel racing
Ulcer prevention
Removes Toxins
Feed Utilization
Kara Posch barrel racing


Removing toxins is helpful in getting your horse's appetite back and eliminating diarrhea.

Feed Utilization

Getting more energy out of your feed keeps your horse satisfied, helping with attitude, focus, and body condition.

Ulcer Prevention

Stress causes a buildup of excess acid in the gut. Daily Gold helps prevent acid buildup from turning into ulcers.

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Happy Horse Owners

"I knew Daily Gold was working when Whiskey started being more focused. We'd go into the alley and she wasn't a nervous wreck. We then became a team."


"The absorption of the minerals in Daily Gold and the help it gave to Cussey's digestive issues increased his quality of life and gave me peace of mind."


What People are Saying

“Love Redmond. Excellent products and excellent customer service. Both my horses are using this supplement. Both eat it with their food just fine. My mare usually colics at least twice each spring. Haven't had a stomachache since we started Daily Gold. She used to eat her hay way too quickly. Now she seems more relaxed and is eating more slowly.”

Martha J. RossonMay 25, 2018

““This stuff is amazing. My 16yo OTTB has had ulcers for years, and colics every winter or when the weather changes suddenly. This stuff has helped a ton and he’s calmed down a lot! He’s no longer super aggressive towards other horses or people, and a lot quieter overall. He showed more improvement with this stuff than he did with a month supply of Omeprazole, which was $300 for a bottle.”

Ashley H.January 10, 2018

“I have been using this for 4 months now on my newly acquired, ulcer ridden, temperamental 10-year-old gelding. Treated his ulcers for 28 days and decided to give this a try. He has put on weight, eats his feed and hay now, and is looking great. And his personality has become humorous versus dangerous. Took him off it for 2 weeks and he was a stressed out, racing, cribbing lunatic! He gets 3.5 scoops every morning and is doing great. He's 16.3 hands and weighs over 1400 pounds, versus his under- 800 when I bought him in September.”

Brianne LawryApril 13, 2017

“"I love the results I get when giving it to my horses. Their coats get so beautiful and it really seems to help my one mare who has stomach issues, I no longer notice her little signs she gives me that her ulcer is acting up."”

Kim DonNovember 15 2016

Our Guarantee

We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your order, then contact us to request a refund.

Daily Gold Stress Relief for horses

4.5-lb pouch
One horse, one-month supply for everyday protection.

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Daily Gold Stress Relief for horses 25 pound bucket

25-lb bucket
One horse five-month supply for everyday protection.

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Daily Gold Stress Relief syringe for horses

Pre-race paste. Helps prevent ulcers caused by stress from trailering or competitive events.

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