Does Scott Have His Priorities Right?

Scott Russell has been a Redmond associate since 2010 and is now a valued member of the Equine Team.


As a child I grew up in Ogden, Utah which is “the city”.  Growing up there I didn’t get the opportunity to own or even be around horses.  But, every summer I was shipped off to Roosevelt, Utah where my great grandparents bred Appaloosas.  They also had a small beef ranch.  I always made sure that I made it there before the cows had to be moved.  Grandpa would set me up with his best horse and we would spend a whole day riding.  Growing up I always knew I wanted my own horse, but couldn’t make it happen living in the city.


My wife and I were married in Ogden and 9 months later had a beautiful baby boy.  My wife grew up in a small rural town in Central Utah.  That town’s name is Redmond, Utah.   It didn’t take long after my boy was born that I had my wife talked into moving back to her home town.


After the move my first purchase was an OLD Quarter horse sorrel mare named Rose.  We didn’t even have a house yet, so it really was my first purchase.  Some might say that my priorities were a little off.  I think that I made my childhood dream come true!  Fortunately we were able to buy a house and add a few more horses to the collection.


I have been with Redmond since Nov. 2010.  I worked as a miner for the first two years and since then I have been on the Agricultural and Equine team.   I am very fortunate to work within this great company helping the animals I love so much.


Scott Russell

Equine Team

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