The Daily Gold Challenge

Thanks for taking on the Daily Gold Challenge! We’ve heard from thousands of horse owners who tell us how Daily Gold Stress Relief helped them get their horse back, and we hope it helped you, too.

2 Scoops for 2 Weeks. How did it go?

We’re always learning, and we know you can help improve our products. Was 2 weeks long enough to see a change? Do certain breeds benefit more than others? We hope you’ll let us know!

  • Do you love it? Hate it? Did we set your expectations well enough? Let us know!
  • We can always refer to you as "Jane Doe" if you don't want to share.
  • Only if you'd like a response -- we respect your privacy.
  • Not trying to be nosy, but it helps us understand how climate might play a role in our product's effectiveness.