I started barrel racing 7 years ago. In 2011 I purchased a barrel horse by the name of Six Bugs Runnin – aka Six. From day one Six and I had a connection that I have never had before with another horse. I started placing on him shortly after buying him, but I could always tell something wasn’t 100%. I started hauling him hard to get him seasoned. This is when I became concerned because he would stop eating after being on the road for 2 days. He was a very picky eater and was very hard to keep weight on. He also would bite the air when being cinched.

I had him scoped by a vet and they said he had ulcers. I treated him with Ulcergard, and kept him on it daily to prevent them. Nothing seemed to improve. I had a chiropractor look at him and he referred me to Redmond Daily Gold . He said “It is the only thing that will heal an ulcer and prevent one”. After reading up on Daily Gold, I was shocked to see that the product was under twenty dollars for a jar and it was completely all natural! I ordered it right away to try it. Within two weeks Six started consuming all his feed, and he also stated consuming more hay. Within one month he gained weight and was eating on the road. This horse went from placing to winning rodeos! Six has never looked or felt better than he does today!

I was so thrilled with Daily Gold that I have purchased the Crushed and Rock on a Rope! Whether your horse is competing, training or recreation use, this company has what you need for your horses! I highly recommend any of these products!

Kara Posch
Professional barrel racer

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