So who is Redmond Equine?

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We’ve decided to create a Redmond Equine Blog, and we thought we’d start off with an introduction to what we’re all about.

Our objective for this blog is to expose our readers, customers, and raving fans to the Redmond Equine way of life, including our people, products, and, of course, great products. Some of the posts will be educational, some will be real life experiences and some will be just fun.

A People Company

Once you get to know us, you’ll discover that Redmond Equine isn’t just an equine company, we’re a people company. Everything we do is in pursuit of individual growth—beneath the logo of our parent company, Redmond, you’ll see “Elevating the Human Experience.” We choose to create an offering that can make a significant difference in people’s lives. This short video might help you understand why we do what we do here at Redmond.

On our blog, we’ll share our life and fun here at Redmond—and I assure you it is fun, interesting, and maybe a little different. You’ll see posts from our whole team at Redmond, along with posts from from our evangelists, partners and members of Team Redmond.

Share your stories!

Please don’t hesitate to tell us your stories. We would love to hear your experiences with Redmond products, and if we share your post, you’ll receive a nice Redmond care package. Don’t forget to include photos—we love to meet your companions too.

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About Redmond Equine

When it comes to your horse’s health, we believe nature has it right. We provide natural, effective equine products that will help your horse get back to optimal health. Redmond products are mined and made in America.