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Is There Really a Difference in Salt Licks?

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You may not know, Redmond Rocks now come on a Rope








Redmond Rock on a Rope gives you another nice option when trying to decide whether to buy the Himalayan Rock, mined in Pakistan, or Redmond Rock, mined in Utah. We know horses prefer Redmond Rock…and why not? It has 10 times the minerals of a mineral block, and many more than the Himalayan rock. And, Redmond Rock will not dissolve or crumble like other licks. The Redmond Rock on a Rope can be tied up in the stall, or placed it in the feed bucket.


We have heard from so many horse owners in the last 20 years how our Rocks have provided the trigger to drink, helping with dehydration and colic issues.


Becky is one such owner… here is her story:


One of the other boarder’s mare, KC, was “colicing.” She had undergone the usual treatment and was receiving IV fluids because she wouldn’t drink. This had been going on for several hours and causing a lot of stress, especially to the owner who felt helpless. I was trying to be supportive and offered to give her one of my Redmond Rocks. I told her how my horse loved them and maybe that would encourage her to drink. She excepted my offer, figuring it couldn’t hurt. They had tried several things, like molasses in her water, and  mash (so the horse would get some fluid). I brought her the rock and hung it in the stall. Her mare immediately started licking it. The horse owner was impressed because she said that her horse normally doesn’t like her salt licks. She was so thrilled, that she was in tears. She texted me about an hour later to tell me that KC drank, and later that evening finished the bucket. She was so grateful and swore that because of the “rock” her horse no longer needed IV fluids and was on the mend.


I am a big fan of Redmond Rocks and believe you may have another loyal customer.


Becky Imbornoni 


You can find Redmond Rock on a Rope and other great Redmond Equine products here.


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