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By November 17, 2015 No Comments

I love my Arabian, Mharquis. We’ve been together since 2006. He is my first horse. We were both rookies and we have learned a lot together. He’s a level 4 Parelli horse now. We can jump bareback and bridleless, we can play at liberty without halter or lead rope. Of all of this, it turns out he loves endurance riding the most.

With all the good, there’s been some bad. Unfortunately, we’ve also been through stifle issues, a suspensory injury, ulcers, and anorexia. Recently we had a saddle “slippage” event, because he’d lost so much weight. This left us with two problems: 1) the bruising and scraping of his inner rear legs from the stirrups hitting the inside of his rear legs when he ran away after the saddle slipped, and  2) getting him to eat to put weight back on. He has free access to hay. But getting him to eat the vet-prescribed supplements wasn’t going well. Then I tried putting his Daily Gold Quick Relief Syringe in his supplements. He couldn’t eat it fast enough. For the first time ever, he ate every drop.    

firstaidforhorsesI also put First Aid clay for horses all over his rear legs after the event, to pull out any dirt or infection, act as a poultice, and to take down the swelling. I came to trust and love this poultice after repeatedly applying it to the little calf behind my property when he somehow got a 6 to 8 inch gash that went down to his bone. I noticed it one day when I was feeding my horses and he came up to the fence. It was oozing infection and ugly with flies. I reported it to my neighbor, but she is elderly and seemed confused and unsure of how to handle it. So I slipped over the fence every day, fed them a little and put clay on.  In a few weeks his wound was completely healed.  He clearly associated the daily ministrations with pain relief because every morning he walks to me and puts his side to me. 

I love Daily Gold as well. It handles Mharquis’s ulcers. I don’t see those wet, obsessive, scratching marks on his belly area any more.  One element:  clay, and it’s all natural. Love these products. Love the results!!! I loved them so much, that one day while pulling milkweek when gardening, my arms suddenly felt like they were on fire. I ran into the house and washed my arms like crazy, but it didn’t help. I looked up and First Aid was sitting on the windowsill, so I grabbed it and put it on my arms. The burning instantly stopped. Love this stuff.

-Jolene Green

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