Redmond Equine is about more than horses

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Redmond SOAR Foundation

Whether you’re trying your first Redmond Rock or you’ve been with us from the beginning, you know Redmond Equine for natural, healthy products for your horse. But Redmond is about much more than just that!

For a lot of companies, profit is the ultimate goal. Redmond is a little different. Profits matter, of course, because without them we couldn’t stick around and help you connect with your horses. But before we ask about profitability, we ask whether a product or business will help us make the world around us a better place. We invest heavily in our associates — we work hard to create a business environment that helps everyone in the business become more of who they really are.

Redmond also has a non-profit organization called the Redmond Soar Foundation. We set it up to make it easier for our associates and partners to get involved in our communities and the world at large. The word “soar” has more than one meaning. It stands for Service Opportunities for Associates at Redmond, but it’s especially appropriate because in order to soar, we have to learn to ride the currents of the wind. The Soar Foundation finds ways to help others flap their wings and catch the right current so eventually we can all soar and make progress together.

Every now and again, we may share a Soar Foundation project with you here. And if you’re especially interested in our non-profit work, you might decide to follow the foundation’s new Facebook page!

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