More than sixty minerals just the way nature made them, with a taste your horse will love! Redmond Rock comes from right here in the USA.

Posted by Redmond Equine on Friday, May 15, 2015


 All of my horses have free-choice access to a Redmond Rock salt lick. Its naturally irregular shape is much more appealing than a chemically processed block. 

Julie Goodnight, internationally respected trainer and clinician

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Horses (and horse owners) love Redmond Rock on a Rope.

Horses thrive on the minerals Redmond Rock provides. In many cases, when given the rock for the first time, mineral deficient horses won’t leave it alone! The minerals in Redmond Rock can help restore and bring your horse back into his natural mineral balance. The rope makes it convenient to hang above the water tank, on a fence post, or in the stall.

Horse licks Redmond Rock

Rave Reviews for Redmond Rock on a Rope


I have to tell you – they very much enjoy the rocks. Since I got the two rocks on a rope, I gave them to my 2 that like to lick more. My 5 year old DWB/TB, Rufus, LOVES his rock on a rope, and licks it compulsively. As a test, I left their old salt block holders in their stalls when I put the rocks in….and they are ignoring their old blocks entirely!

Colleen Peachey

Bought the Rock on a rope for my horses and they Love, Love them. We have used many Redmond products and they are of exceptional quality. Thank You Redmond Equine.

Barbara Reynolds

My mare LOVES this salt lick. I hung it write next to her water bucket and it definitely encourages her to drink more water. I've never really noticed her licking her salt licks before, but this was I saw her using right away.

Holly M.

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Ella trying to get Ross to leave his Redmond Rock….

Posted by Stephanie White on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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