Support Materials Ordering Process:

  • Fill our form and on the last page you can review the order before you submit. (if you want to change something just hit back and make the change)
  • Once your satisfied hit “so it is written so it is done”
  • You will receive an e-mail (sent to whatever e-mail you entered in the form) with your order
  • If you do not get an e-mail from Faron’s crew confirming that they got it within a few days please follow up with them.


  • Need to finish later
    • Click the save for later button at the bottom and enter your e-mail in the box
    • You will get a e-mail with a link back to the form for later
  • I never received an e-mail with the order
    • Either you spam blocked it or the web didn’t forward it.
    • If your browser is still open click back and then save it. (follow the “need to finish later” instructions)
    • Send an e-mail to support@redmondinc.com
      • cut and paste this in the e-mail
        • The equine show order form off the equine website (www.redmondequine.com/showmaterials) did not send the e-mail to me once I hit submit so either our spam filter ate it or there is something wrong with the site.  Will you please fix this?
  • If you need to make changes after submitting the order here is the process:
    • Standard: No changes within 2 weeks of the show
    • Submit changes through the online system:
      • Select the “changes to an existing order” box
      • Only fill out the items that are being changed