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I am pretty amazed with all the hours in the trailer and the stress my gelding goes though, he looks amazing, and never skips a meal since starting him on Daily Gold.

Kara Posch, Barrel Racer

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I recently started using your product on my son’s 2 rodeo horses. I was very shocked to see the results after just 2 weeks of using it. I watched in awe this weekend as my son and his horses dominated the competition. I believe Daily Gold had a lot to do with it.

Virginia B.

After two+ weeks on the Daily Gold Stress Relief my very nervous and antsy horse showed a lot of change. When I took him to a Dressage Clinic I was able to have a much calmer and easier to work with horse than he has been in the past few years.

Zach R.

Since Sienna’s been on Daily Gold, I wanted to tell you that every time I go riding with my friends, they keep commenting on what a “changed horse” she’s become, far more relaxed and less fidgety.

Kim L.

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“I keep my 19 year old barrel horse on Daily Gold because he blossoms on it. I have had him for 11 years and he used to colic mildly all the time. Since starting Daily Gold about a year ago he’s had only one slight episode and he has gained a bunch of weight and he drinks better than he ever did.”


Daily Gold is a daily supplement for horses that helps calm anxious horses, prevent diarrhea, sooth ulcers, and improve overall health.

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The Daily Gold Syringe is a game-changer for traveling and competing horses. Just give your horse one syringe before stressful situations and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

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