Aaron Elison

Aaron ElisonI come from a long line of hard working, live off the land farmers in Idaho. I have always loved the space, solitude, work, and beauty of rural living. My dad and grandpa used draft horses to do all the work until they purchased their first tractor in 1952. But there was still always a draft team around so I grew to love the time we fed cattle off the horse drawn wagon, or had a winter horse drawn sleigh ride. We always had saddle horses around too. My desire to ride stemmed from the old cowboy movies and ultimately The Man From Snowy River so in my teenage years I reached that point of horsemanship where sitting the saddle was as natural as sitting on the couch, my horses and I understood each other, and I found that precious place of internal fulfillment that only those so invested with a horse can experience. I pursued and completed my agricultural studies at Utah State University and worked for several years in the cattle industry before coming to Redmond where I get to work with others who love livestock and horses like I do. Now with my wife, Cristie, and the last 2 of our 5 children, we live on a small acreage and enjoy our yard, trees, gardens, orchard, chickens, the horse barn (I love my horse barn), a pasture with a horse and a few cattle. We also love family, work, play, piano and other music, church, sports, clogging, movies, popcorn, and holiday traditions.