Eric & Emily Thompson

Since 2004, Eric & Emily Thompson have managed and trained horses for competitive show jumping. The couple have selected promising young horses and matriculated them to the Grand Prix. They have traveled the world to develop their philosophy. Their philosophy is simplification.
“Each horse challenges your process. Every time we succeed with a horse it’s because we simplify the process.  That’s how we feed. Simple, high quality ingredients. I’ve watched animals in the wild gather to eat minerals at salt licks in East Africa. They crave it. I can see why in my own barn. We have two chestnut geldings with dapples. They didn’t have them before using the Daily Gold Stress Relief. It also simplifies my feeding program by replacing a few supplements.”
Emily also owns  and operates  The Éce Equestrian Company was founded in 2010 by Emily Thompson and Ellen Hart–two best friends who grew up riding horses together–with the goal of creating innovative, fashion-forward athletic attire for today’s equestrian community.

-Eric & Emily Thompson
Stella Farm – Show Jumpers
Wellington, FL

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