Felicity Norrie

Felicity NorrieHi! My name is Felicity Norrie and I am so proud to have been selected as a member of Team Redmond. I live in a tiny village about 30 miles west of London, England, with several horses, two dogs, two cats – and my husband Robert. You will soon meet all my horses in my blogs. I have ridden since I was 8 years old, first on furry little ponies, then show jumping as a junior rider. When I went to college to study biochemistry my riding was on hold for a time, but I bought a lovely young Anglo-Arab as soon as I started work. My marketing career with food companies took me (and my horse) around England. Then with Robert, but without the horse, we moved to the Far East for two years. Back in the UK, horses returned to my life, although with lots of juggling as I worked in central London and Europe, mainly with retailers including Safeway.

Five years ago I decided to do what I really wanted all along, and started in the equestrian industry, setting up my own company EquiMatters. At a trade show in Philadelphia, I met the Redmond Rock team, and took home a lump of that special bit of Utah. It made such a difference to my horse Finn’s health that we began to import it. Redmond Rock is the lead product for our business, and to many customers I am known only as The Rock Lady.