Heather Reynolds

Heather ReynoldsHeather Reynolds started doing endurance in 1989 and has ridden over 65 horses in competitions and has logged over 17,000 miles.

Heather has represented the USA in 3 World Championships. She has competed abroad on 7 occasions.

Heather met her husband Jeremy at a multi day endurance ride in 2001 and they were married in 2002. Heather and her husband Jeremy train, coach and race their own horses and assist their clients as well.

Heather and her husband Jeremy were two of the 5 USA riders, and two of the four named to the team to compete in England at the 2012 World Championships to bring home a fourth place team finish for the USA.

Heather has also competed in several national championships, Pan American and North American Championships as well as a European Championship. She was the individual Gold Medalist at the 2001 Pan American Championship as well as winning Best Condition. In 2003 Heather was the individual Silver Medalist at the North American Championship. She was a Team Gold Medalist in the 2005 North American Championship, of that team Jeremy and Heather trained 5 of the 6 horses and coached 5 of the six riders, the team also had the Best Condition horse. Heather has also won the Tevis Cup and has two Haggin Cups as well.