Jolene Green McDowell

Jolene Green McDowellAbout ten years ago my husband, who is an old farmboy, came home and said “Honey, I really miss horses, do you mind if I get some?” I am a city girl and knew nothing about horses but I said “Go for it”. He said, “Good. They’re in the front yard.” I let him play with them for a year or two before he talked me into going for a trail ride. I instantly fell in love and discovered a passion I didn’t know I had. I was scared to death of them, however, and wouldn’t even go in what I called their “cages” to feed them. In 2005, I found Parelli. That was the answer I needed to help me understand the psychology of horses. I’m a LCSW with a private practice in Sandy, Utah. I was having so much fun with the horses I wanted to find a way to play with them and get paid. That’s when I found EAGALA and started doing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, EAP, and have been doing that since 2007. For those of you who know Parelli, I got my level 4 in 2011 and became a Parelli instructor in 2012. I have 9 horses for my EAP program. I can’t imagine a life without horses.