Josh Wasden

Josh WasdenI was born and raised in Central Utah on the family beef cow/ calf operation. Living on the ranch, along with two brothers, 1 younger and 1 older, everyday was filled with adventure. I still remember mounting our steeds at the ages of 5, 6 and 8 and chasing each other around the corrals. When we proved to dad that we had enough handle on our horses, we were able to leave the confinement of the corrals. Then we would dash up and down the canal bank and around the hay stacks until mom rang the dinner bell. After graduating high school I was fortunate to spend a couple years in the land of Haiti where I learned many lessons that have proved valuable throughout my life. I came home from Haiti, graduated from college, met my wonderful wife Shaylene and decided it was time to move back to the valley.

I joined the Redmond Team 5 years ago where I’ve been able to share my passion for horses with other horse enthusiasts. I love talking with anyone on anything equine; tack trails, training, etc. When I am not hard at it for Redmond, I am hard at it for the horse, starting colts for local horse owners and riding two of my own. I also enjoy helping with the ranch, raw hide braiding, and along with my wife, love watching my daughter and two sons chase around the same corrals I did some 25 years ago.