Rusty Bastian

I spent the first 18 years of my life working on a farm in southern Utah side by side with my two hero’s- my grandpa and my dad. I grew up working the land, branding cows and hearing stories about the “good old days”. As a boy, my family owned the farms across the road from Redmond Minerals; where Redmond Rock is taken from the ground. I remember telling myself one day while baling hay, “I will never work at a place like that.” Ironically, after a few years of growing up and a few more working as a physical therapist, I was intrigued with the way that Redmond was trying to do business and gratefully became involved. I went back to the University of Utah and received my MBA and have been working with Redmond on business and cultural development for 15 years now.

Rusty BastianDespite my childhood years on a farm and all that goes with it, very little of this from the back of a horse. The only time I got on a horse was when one of my friends had a hair-brained idea that usually ended with one of us bruised and bleeding. The horses we rode were the pasture pet type that were ridden once a year and not very excited about two young boys who knew little to nothing about horses climbing on their backs. After about 10 experiences with horses and at least nine of them ending in me on the ground, I resolved that horses I just wouldn’t be friends. I had that idea that horses were scary, mean and very unpredictable. It has taken me years to reprogram this thought- I still struggle with it at times and obviously horses can feel this. I appreciate their majesty and connectedness to everything going on around them. Most importantly, because of my daughters love of horses, I am trying to become a “horse person”. There is so much more too this than just saddling up and climbing on the back of a horse. I am thankful for a new perspective.

I love a good challenge, and have a few too many hobbies; golf, fly fishing, racquetball, photography and reading to name a few. That love of challenge and continual change is also why I love business. It is a way to connect with great people and create things of value, that hopefully leave the world a little better place. I feel very fortunate to work with a great group of people that have the same goal.

My wife Becky and I feel fortunate to raise our three sons and two daughters in the same little valley where we grew up. A place where they can be connected to the land, and thanks to the digital world, have many of the benefits of the city. All of this and we still hear the crickets chirp and see the stars at night. Sometimes I have to pinch myself we have it so good!