Tatum Torve

My name is Tatum Torve and I am honored to be a part of Team Redmond! I have been an avid horse lover all of my life and have been riding since I was six years old. I have since dabbled in various areas of the equine industry from riding and training hunter jumpers, to endurance riding, to training in natural horsemanship, to riding Paso Fino horses. My sophomore year of college, I  put my lifelong dream of owning my own horse into fruition as I scraped together my life savings and bought my first horse, a little Arabian colt named Riad. The best and most expensive decision of my life, Riad has become the perfect companion for me, even so far as traveling to and from college. Now 5 years old, Riad is quite the well-rounded little guy, with experience in basic dressage, jumping, endurance, and pleasure trail riding. Although living out my own sort of fairy tale isn’t easy, I wouldn’t change it for the world.
I am a graduate of Asbury University with a degree in English and Equine Management and was fortunate enough to study for a semester at Oxford University at the college of Wycliffe Hall. Currently based in Kentucky, I work as an assist to a prominent equine veterinarian who specializes in regenerative therapy  and has brought the innovation of stem cell therapy into popularity.
Riad and I both love Redmond products and I am excited to represent Redmond as a team member!  tatum4w