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I am pretty amazed with all the hours in the trailer and the stress my gelding goes though, he looks amazing, and never skips a meal since starting him on Daily Gold.

Kara Posch, Barrel Racer

When would I use the Daily Gold syringe?

  • Extra protection prior to or during stressful situations, such as: trailering, competing, moving, etc.
  • A quick way of dosing at the first notice of symptoms associated with a sore stomach or colic.
  • A way to alleviate ulcer pain by lining the stomach.
  • Pre-ride calming so you can have a great ride.

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5 stars

“My horse was exhibiting signs of ulcers. The Daily Gold Syringe brought nearly immediate relief! Trying to show a horse with ulcers is so difficult to manage and this appears to be the game changer we needed!”

“I used it to help ease my mare out of her bout with diarrhea and it worked wonderfully. Her stools were back to normal after two days (one dose per day coupled with her standard dose of Daily Gold powder).”
Dalia Griffith

“My horse didn’t mind the flavor – easy to administer!”

“We hauled down to San Diego, which was a 13 hour trailer ride. I gave my horse the Daily Gold Syringe for trailering and it was just no problem. It was great. I’m such a believer.
Jec Ballou


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Daily Gold Quick Relief Syringe

Find out why Audrey always keeps Daily Gold Syringes in her trailer.

What’s in the syringe?

Hydrated Redmond brand montmorillonite clay and peppermint essential oil. Redmond Clay helps buffer acid and bring your horse’s stomach pH levels to a healthy balance, it can help pacify your horse and reduce conditions that lead to stomach issues. Peppermint essential oil provides a pleasant flavor for your horse and has been shown to be beneficial in supporting healthy digestion, and relieving gastrointestinal system comfort. Horses love the taste!

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