Jo Green had a bit of a hydration difficulty with an unfamiliar horse. Today she tells us what she did to help her horse.

Old Dogs and New Tricks

Jo GreenIt’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks. I hate it when I’m the “old dog”. Recently I acquired a new horse for my Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program. We drove from Salt Lake City, Utah to Redmond, Washington to pick her up. We brought 5 gallons of water from her barn to aide in the water transition. It didn’t help. She wouldn’t touch her water. Adding molasses didn’t help either. Neither did the other tried and true “tricks” I’d learned. She was REALLY drawn in. I was worried as I reached for my cell to call the vet. As I dialed, I happened to look down and see a package of Redmond Rock Crushed sitting next to my package of  Daily Gold. While I was a recent convert to Daily Gold, I’m embarrassed to admit this ole’ dog had not yet opened the Redmond Rock Crushed, let alone tried it. I thought “Well, I’ll just try this” and I sprinkled it over a small amount of oats as I called my vet. Twenty minutes later, I cancelled my vet call, as our new partner started drinking. Within a few hours, she looked noticeably better. As I continued to monitor her, the situation kept improving.

We had been afraid to “try her out”, because she was so dehydrated. But as she continued to drink, we just couldn’t resist. She did beautifully. Later, the vet dropped by anyway, “just to check”. He did all his “vet things” and said she looked great. He also said to keep giving her salt. Thanks, Redmond. I love it when I learn effective new tricks.

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